Sunday, March 09, 2008

My daughter after a long day

She's a little tired after visiting my in-laws and my parents and my grandmother all in one day.


I am on Twitter. Just another thing that I am late to the party with.

In the car with Lexi

Say "hi."

Monday, March 03, 2008

I really don't follow the in-crowd, do I?

I must be one of the ten people who actually watched quarterlife on NBC. Actually, I watched it on my ReplayTV about an hour ago. I liked it...and lies my problem. I like what most of you out there think really sucks. I loved Veronica Mars. Tanked after three seasons. Hell, I was lucky to get that much out of it. I liked Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Tanked after one season. I just went on MySpace for a few minutes and wondered "does anything happen there anymore?" So now, quarterlife is tanking after one episode. Sure, it might move to Bravo; good luck figuring out their schedule.

I thought about hooking up a webcam and jump on the vlog bandwagon, but my mug will scare too many people. That, and well...what groundbreaking commentary can I come up with will captivate people to remain onto my site for more than 45 seconds?

Former work buddies and other people I used to know...are you still out there? I need a rag-tag team of misfits who feel like throwing their "blahs" up on here. You can even talk about people that I don't give two *ahem* shoes about such as Britney or the sudden winning streak of the Sixers. Dear Lord, I truly am selling out.

And if there is something out there that I am truly missing out on that I should really watch (please no trendy stuff, I'm already knee deep in recorded American Idol episodes that I still have been dragging my feet to watch) let me know. If it's lame, I'll try not to laugh at you too much.

Why am I up at this hour?

It's almost 2AM and here I am, writing about nothing. Well, my little girl isn't feeling too well. My wife, God bless her, is the best care taker. For some odd reason, I find doing laundry and cleaning up the apartment more exciting than sleep right now.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Selling Out

Yeah, I know.  I changed templates, added more ads, and put a GrandCentral call me button on my site among other things.  So, it looks like I did something new.  I know I won't be making any money and most people who know me already have my number.  But now, I can add voicemails to my useless blog.  You know, I came really close to re-naming the site as StoleNewz.  But, I did all three of you who might actually be reading this a favor and stuck with the old name.  Yes, I have also brought back bad grammar when necessary.  Long live the run-on sentence!

Against My Better Judgement, I Am Back

I'm back. I am watching the 2008 Pretentious Millionaire Entertainment Awards. You probably call them "The Oscars."

If "Ratatouille" didn't win for animated feature and Jon Stewart wasn't such a great host, I'd say this night was a total wash.

Now, if "Cloverfield" was up for best picture...

...I think I better go wash my mouth out with soap.