Saturday, April 29, 2006

What do Mac Users as anti-virus?

ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X. It uses the very popular ClamAV open source antivirus engine to scan mail and attachments. As a testament to its effectiveness, Apple now bundles ClamAV with Mac OS X Server 10.4.

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ThinkFree Office Online: a full office ajax suite to rival ms office

ThinkFree Office is a suite including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics and file management software that all look, feel and behave just like MicrosoftĂ‚® Office. ThinkFree Office is delivered and upgraded over the Internet, giving users an unprecedented level of computing choice and freedom.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Xbox Live Arcade to get MAME and SEGA games

A Microsoft staffer, wishing to remain anonymous, has revealed that MAME and games from SEGA are heading to Xbox Live Arcade.

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I'm back...Finally.


I'm back. It took a while, but I had to find another host. I am now being hosted by Thanks guys.