Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Sites, New Domains, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

I picked up a bunch of free domains, thanks to Belgium. I now own,,, (not Be.a.Zaroff, because we're an selective group) and Pictures of Alexis will be scattered all around,, and (Whoa Jay! Are you simulcasting your wife's pregnancy on multiple sites? I never realized the fascinating life that you lead! I mean, gee wiz...if you keep this may triple the number the hits to your family of sites...I mean, you may go from 1 hit to 3 potential hits each week...and 2 of them may not even be your own. Oh the possibilities!!!) I am also pysched about getting another site off the ground: (aka Dr. Sarcasm Presents "The Bad Service Blog").

The premise of The Bad Service Blog goes a lil' somethin' like dis:

I want to create a site that will give the everyday person a chance to vent about a business that has treated him or her poorly. It could be about a short changing incident at the local convenience store or the really rude manager at the big mall department store. While I feel that reporting bad service to the BBB is a novel idea, they don't seem to have a full listing of businesses that have constantly screwed the customer...and if they do...I don't think it's that easy to find...or I wouldn't be doing this myself. Reseller Ratings is a great idea, but I want to a create a site that will allow anyone to talk about any kind of commercial business such as rotten waitresses, "lemon" used cars, certain portable devices that lose their battery charge after 15 minutes of use, etc. I also plan to link to major news stories (on the web) in regards to large businesses that have potentially engaged in wrong doing based practices towards consumers. If I hear about a relevant class action lawsuit, I plan to link it as well. Again, I want to stress that this is an "EVERYONE" site...and I want to give anyone the ability to speak his or her mind as long as it does not get me in trouble with my future host's terms of service. Sounds really exciting now, doesn't? You know it does, Beeeyatcch!

Lastly, I plan that will come into fruition..............................
.....................................sometime in 2006. Keep waiting by the phone, so you'll be able to call home about it once it arrives. After all, Hanukkah Harry can't deliver all these great gifts that fast.