Friday, December 30, 2005

Dreamcast Lives! Under Defeat Coming 3/23/2006

Sega's at it again with yet another release for the "dead" Dreamcast. With Radiligy already announced for a Feb. 2006 release someone at Sega apparently decided that March 2006 needed a Dreamcast shooter release as well. GO SEGA!!! I love my Dreamcast!!!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

iPod Nano Snoopy Edition

Limited to just 1000 units, this special edition iPod Nano comes with 3 Snoopy faceplates, engraving, lanyard, and box. Its available now in Japan at the price of $286 USD. All I can say is...OH H*** YEAH!!!

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DivX release browser plug-in for IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape

DivX have released a new browser plug-in supporting all of the major browsers for Windows. The plug-in enables you to play high-quality DivX content live in your web browser and does not require a special streaming server or any files to be installed on the server to work. Sample content and an SDK for web developers are available.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Ultimate Super Mario Bros. Minus World Guide

A site with tons of information on how to get to level -1 in Super Mario Bros! It actually exists!

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Monday, December 26, 2005

DVD -R, +R Recordable Quality Chart

Great list of DVD brands and their quality so you don't go out and buy some crappy brand that leaves you with coasters.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Love That Song But Don't Know What It Is?

Tunatic is a software that listen to it and get you the artist's name and the song's title within seconds.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Ad contest

Create a 30-second ad, in any style that brings Firefox to life for the millions of Web users who have yet to discover Firefox and the better Web experience it delivers. 1st place $5,000 gift certificate to B&H 2nd wins a 9X Media X-Top Triple LCD scalable ergonomic Multi Screen Display. 3rd wins Alienware DHS 5 media center PC

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Foxmarks - Firefox Extension

Foxmarks is an extension for Firefox(1.5) that synchronizes bookmarks across multiple machines;i.e, If you're traveling/away from your computer,just visit and enter your username and password for your Foxcloud account.Press the "Display Bookmarks" button and you'll be able to access your bookmarks.

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1980 Games Online...

Games From the 80s and early 90s. Lots of ninentdo and arcade games run right on the site... Enjoy

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"Back to the Future 4"???

Michael J. Fox is in talks to do another 'Back to the Future' sequel...but this time playing the 'Doc' character?!

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A day in the life of tech support

Check out this supposedly real life discussion between Tech Support and an Accountant.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

More Ways to Speed up WindowsXP

Some of these actually seem to work!

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Need an extra PC this holidays? Free software app turns 1 PC into 2

Have guests and relatives visiting? This free software lets 2 users share a single computer box. All you need is a dual head video card and an extra USB keyboard.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Call of Snoopy???

Namco is releasing a Snoopy dogfight game for Fall 2006. Guess who's geeking out over this thing? My X-BOX is waiting for this...very impatiently.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Save the McRib

I haven't had one of these sandwich gems in ages!!!
Now, can someone please tell me why I can't get one in the Philly area? Are you listening, McDonald's?

Guess What I Want This March!!!
Need I Say More? Go Paramount!!!

A You Can't Do That On Television DVD? Woot!

Yo Yo Yo. I'm hearing word of a possible You Can't Do That On Television DVD. Anyone who grew up in the 80's watching Nickelodeon has to have a smile on their face right about now. Check out for details. I also discovered this interesting site for the hardcore fans:

Monday, December 05, 2005

Top 10 System Administrator Truths

This is a Top 10 list for all of the System Admins out there. It covers such obvious topics like Users Lie but also delves into the Holy Grail of Tech Support and the intricacies of backups and the importance of politeness.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Rent: Yet Another MeView

Yes, it was only a matter of time. I need to put in my 1.99999 cents. Anyway, you've read the reviews. Seems like the loser critics are all beside themselves. They're torn. Some dig it, and others loathe it. Care to know why? They're not Rentheads. Technically, neither am I. Don't get me wrong, I loved the show. Wait wait. Let me back up. I loved the music after I watched the show in NYC. See...since my hearing absolutely sucks...I really couldn't hear what the hell they were saying on I could never fully appreciate it. And my seat wasn't too far from the stage. It wasn't orchestra level, but not too far from it. The wife and I saw it less than a year ago. Anyway, back to whatever it was that I was talking about earlier. The movie. I dug it. The wife dug it. Although, I must say that I was a little perplexed that the movie's opening is fairly different from the show. Dramatically different? IMHO, yeah. I was a little taken back that some of lyrics that were once intended to be sung by the characters became spoke word text. However, let's get down to reality here people, it's an adaptation. Come off your high horses. Very few movie adaptations ever fully follow the original sources. You sick sad people probably go to these things just so that you have something new to pick apart. Grease didn't directly follow the original show least that's what I heard once. Here's my take on it without spoilers. If someone were to tell you that a popular Broadway show was touring to your town's small theater and most of the original cast would be there to perform and the tickets would only cost you $9 a head? What would you do? I think I made my point. other thing...
Kudos to the MPAA (not something that I say all that often) for having the moxy to give this film a PG-13 rating. When was the last time you saw a movie that dropped the F-word (not "free" in case you wondering) twice and it did not get an "R"? I thought you could only get away with saying it once to obtain a PG-13. Must remind myself of this fact when I actually sit down to write my screenplay (one of these years).

More Veronica Mars Info

Hi All,

I was super pissed this past Wednesday when I had discovered that my local UPN affiliate took it upon itself to...oh...postpone my show to televise...
The Sixers?!? WTF?!?

Anyway, I managed to get a copy of the show sent to my ReplayTV and now I'm up to speed. For those of you who actually watch the show and are getting really frustrated that your browsers can't display the alternate ending from the site...try this link:

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ubuntu / Windows Dual Boot Video Tutorial

Installing a dual-boot system using Windows XP and Ubuntu . The video details the entire process, from partitioning the harddrive to walking through the install procedure.

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New Sites, New Domains, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

I picked up a bunch of free domains, thanks to Belgium. I now own,,, (not Be.a.Zaroff, because we're an selective group) and Pictures of Alexis will be scattered all around,, and (Whoa Jay! Are you simulcasting your wife's pregnancy on multiple sites? I never realized the fascinating life that you lead! I mean, gee wiz...if you keep this may triple the number the hits to your family of sites...I mean, you may go from 1 hit to 3 potential hits each week...and 2 of them may not even be your own. Oh the possibilities!!!) I am also pysched about getting another site off the ground: (aka Dr. Sarcasm Presents "The Bad Service Blog").

The premise of The Bad Service Blog goes a lil' somethin' like dis:

I want to create a site that will give the everyday person a chance to vent about a business that has treated him or her poorly. It could be about a short changing incident at the local convenience store or the really rude manager at the big mall department store. While I feel that reporting bad service to the BBB is a novel idea, they don't seem to have a full listing of businesses that have constantly screwed the customer...and if they do...I don't think it's that easy to find...or I wouldn't be doing this myself. Reseller Ratings is a great idea, but I want to a create a site that will allow anyone to talk about any kind of commercial business such as rotten waitresses, "lemon" used cars, certain portable devices that lose their battery charge after 15 minutes of use, etc. I also plan to link to major news stories (on the web) in regards to large businesses that have potentially engaged in wrong doing based practices towards consumers. If I hear about a relevant class action lawsuit, I plan to link it as well. Again, I want to stress that this is an "EVERYONE" site...and I want to give anyone the ability to speak his or her mind as long as it does not get me in trouble with my future host's terms of service. Sounds really exciting now, doesn't? You know it does, Beeeyatcch!

Lastly, I plan that will come into fruition..............................
.....................................sometime in 2006. Keep waiting by the phone, so you'll be able to call home about it once it arrives. After all, Hanukkah Harry can't deliver all these great gifts that fast.