Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chicken Lit is Da Shiznit: A MeView

I don't care what these critic nerds (that's right NERDS) think. To call them geeks would be an insult to Modern Geekity. It's a film based off the "Chicken Little" story but set in modern day. You crazy people are treating this like it's a crime against humanity if you actually enjoy it. I saw the 3-D version and it was friggn' sweet. It also did something that few movies have done for me in the made me laugh several times in the theater. I just wish those pesky kids sitting behind us would have stoppped kicking our seats. But...returning from the segway...if it's playing in 3-D in your town...go see it...but go to a later showing (if you're older than 15). I won't give away any spoilers...but I will say this...if the trailers charmed you...then you pretty much have an idea how the movie's a popcorn movie. It's a popcorn movie that satirizes Hollywood, shrinks, and any form of pop culture that gets in its way. It's not Shakespeare, but then again...I hate Shakespeare anyway. Oh, and the 3-D glasses pwn and they look great on Sonny. I wish I could have brought him to the theater. He's much better behaved than at least half of the audience.

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