Saturday, November 05, 2005

Amazon wants to pay YOU for small tasks

Amazon's new "Mechanical Turk" service will pay you for completing small tasks for them or third parties. Tasks include picking the best picture of a building, or refining a product description.

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AT said...

This is the beginning of a trend - farming out small tasks over the internet to anyone who will take them. Imagine the possibilities and the implications:

unemployed, or even eployed people looking for work can sign up and earn a few extra dollars in their spare time;

the company gets work done cheaply, without hiring, paying benefits, or any long-term issue;

price of work goes down to the lowest bidder;

ranking systems arise ranking workers as well as employers;

employent brokerages;

This kind of work-farming can be extended to other, non-computer based tasks: i.e. watching security or traffic cameras, going out and doing small tasks or errands in your nearby locality, finishiing some more structured task and then submitting it by mail.

This is the beginning of the trend I've identified leading to the 'Ten Billion Person Organization' on my website: