Saturday, October 08, 2005


I changed hosts. I am now using They provide 200MB of space for FREE! Also, I now have my own message boards. I ditched the chatroom due to lack of interest. still needs a little TLC, before it's ready for primetime. You can even get there via Oh, how swanky!!! Eventually, will become a professional-styled portal site which will be tied into in some way that...well...I don't know how yet. Stop asking me! OK? Yeesh, the nerve of you people! But there will also be some exclusive content that will only be available to because...if there wasn't...then why would you go there? Also, to that dude who asked me about how I managed to get a $2're like a month too late. Sorry man, but that's Yahoo's decision, not mine. Oh, one last thing...I really went all out on this I hope you noticed it...I added a counter. I know, very high-tech indeed. It's tough staying on the edge of technology...sometimes, even I don't know how I manage to pull it all off.

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